Tuesday, January 22, 2008

5 "Must Read" Music Business Articles

In a post script to my previous blog entry regarding the cause of the RIAA's troubles, read this comprehensive article posted by Music Row attorney Barry Shrum.

An optimistic view of the New New Music Industry written by Raghav Gupta.

David Brown's wise article entitled Ten Ways To Fix The Music Biz in Spin Magazine

From the BBC : why there can't be a true alliance between the artist/writer and the record label over copyright.

David Byrne's insightful piece about surviving in the new music industry featured in Wired


tom said...

isn't it interesting that, in the SPIN article, that the most important item on the list was all the way down at number ten?

(for those who didn't click through, it's...STOP RELEASING CRAP!)

chromehead said...

I thought that was pretty funny. It's like a technical primer on how to clean, assemble and shoot a gun followed by "oh, by the way, you're gonna need ammo"

Barry Neil Shrum said...

Thanks for the ping Craig! Here is a quick link to my article:


I transitioned to a different host and some of the links are broken!

Like your blog as well. Keep up the good work!

Barry Neil Shrum, Esq.